Quizno's put some MUSCLE behind this franchise mailing to increase their brand awareness...mailed without box or packaging.
What We Do nav button Since 1989 Wilder Ideas has been creating some of most unique designs for mailing through the U.S. Postal Service.  Each concept is developed  in cooperation with the USPS Mailing Requirements  Office and is actually approved, in writing, for mailing.
Direct Mail nav button While postal regulations and pricing have changed over the years, Wilder Ideas have remained the most unusual items accepted and delivered by   the U.S. Postal Service
Themes and Signage nav button While we are always available to create die-cut  and other unque invitations and collateral materials,  we’ve made history by mailing SHOVELS for the  ground-breaking of Denver’s Pepsi Center,  BASKETBALLS for the Denver Nuggets, BOXING  GLOVES for Quizno’s, RUBBER FISH with messages  down their throat and our trademark packaging  BOTTLE MAILING.
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